Easy, effective health information exchange

Meddream HL7 is a faster, easier, secure, and cost-effective interoperability option available as of today. HL7 is a set of international standards used by healthcare organizations to share clinical and administrative data between software applications. Our HL7 broker provides excellent performance and flexibility. Either operating as a stand-alone intermediary broker or as an integrated data system broker, our apps can provide the messaging needed for seamless incorporation or communication with third-party information systems to provide a comprehensive workflow

Data standards and
techniques for healthcare
systems to adequately
communicate with clinical

Easy, effective health information exchange
It is a voluntary association that specifies the data requirements for various types of messages (e.g., ADT, ORM, ORU, etc.).
Can work as a stand-alone server or as a silent PACS or RIS server software service
HL7 Server can be integrated with any PACS system from Meddream or any other third party
Achieve interoperability, to thrive in the new era of value-based care.
Exchange health information easily, while promoting accountable care.
Attain compliance (and rest easier), in the face of changing healthcare initiatives.