Powerful solution for Patient CD

Quick, easy, and automatic creation of patient CDs /DVDs directly from any modality or any workstation.
AMC disc publishing solution is an efficient image distribution system dedicated to all diagnostic departments. AMC CD is the ideal way to automate your hospital/clinic’s output of Patient DISCS. It allows smooth recording of medical images from diagnostic devices onto CD and DVD media quickly and efficiently. The software is fully compatible with DICOM standards and allows the recording of medical discs with different DICOM images. The user-friendly studies-manager panel with built-in studies browser allows all studies to be documented in one place. The system allows personalized CD labels to be produced with a specific logotype and patient details

Rapid recording and sharing
DICOM medical imaging
studies onto CD / DVD

Our product solution includes robots for burning, including PC control and software for CD / DVD publishing. With a resolution of up to 4,800 dpi and a special sublimation routine, the integrated inkjet printer produces photo-realistic prints on the media. Within a single process, the machine burns and prints up to 100 media. Through a web interface, a study can be searched from any device and a burning job can be started.

A compact and User-friendly solution with core features