About Us

Our Story

Advanced Med Care is a software development and services company specializing in software products to Health care. Founded in 2005 and Headquartered in the USA, with additional wings in India, Kuwait, and Egypt. We aim to build enduring associations with every one of our partners, including the providers, clients, investors, and above all, the network. AMC has served many clients that include many of the major hospitals in the country and abroad.

What we accomplish?

Joined with 15+ long stretches of programming advancement ability, Advanced Medcare have broad area information in Health care that we have effectively consolidated into exceptionally modern programming frameworks and items. Ranging from small healthcare businesses to large, multi-centered, enterprise-class healthcare business systems and scaling to thousands of concurrent users, AMC can essentially deliver any kind of software package that meets the exact needs of your healthcare. For our regard for the necessities of both the patients and healthcare organizations, we made AMC- Innovation for healthcare, A well-integrated and innovative medical solution for hospital, clinic, and Diagnostic center.
We are an exclusive distributor for Meddream PACS, Aycan merchandise like RIS, Aycan Print, etc. and modules made for Osirix workstation’s applications for special operations.

Our core values

We are a group of profoundly experienced and innovative programming specialists keeping close tabs available to discover customized software solutions for your everyday healthcare problems.


Our motto is to create trust because it helps to wipe out any anxieties among our clients. We feel open, reachable data is the most ideal approach to help others. Our goals genuinely to our collaborators and our clients, sharing as a great part of reality as possible without compromising qualities.


Quality is a result of creative ideas, sincere effort, brilliant direction, and perfect execution. We are successful in understanding the expectations of the client and then put a client-driven plan to meet those expectations. .


The prior reality in our trade is the commitment that it offers. Through the use of innovative technology and a rapid deployment integration platform, we can help you in expanding your existing systems and data which increases the healthcare value.


We, our employees, and our business move with integrity and we assure you sustainable, long-term, field growth, and success. We are committed to doing the right thing in the most reliable way.

Integrated software solutions providers for healthcare

Great innovation. Powerful Technology. Better Future

4+ Wings / 14+ solutions / 25+ Clientele