Meddream Teleradiology

  • A Powerful and Modern Tool for Remote Reporting
  • Medically Approved as a Class 2B CE Device and FDA certification

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Innovative Technology for Remote Reporting

Meddream Teleradiology is the electronic transmission of radiologic images from one location to another for the purpose of interpretation and reporting. With Meddream teleradiology software, a hospital or clinic will perform the radiologic procedures, and later the images will be shared with the radiologist for quick diagnosis. The radiologist is available 24/7 especially for emergence cases, when patients may need a diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible. We follow HIPAA regulations to keep all patient data secure. And with high image quality and resolution, the radiologist can have better visibility of fine details and can report with high accuracy.

Simple and Elegant
Technology to Transform
Radiology Practices

Meddream teleradiology is a powerful and modern tool used by radiologists to share images and reports based on HTML5 technology, and zero footprints. Our software is medically approved as a Class 2B CE Device and FDA certification.
The viewer is designed to deploy easily and requires no client installation, a basic web browser and login password are prerequisites.

Designed to Improve Radiology Efficiency


Easy to integrate

Increases Productivity


Increases Efficiency



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