AMC Portal

A Cloud-based solution to access Medical Images and Reports

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A dynamic, efficient and safe way of sharing and accessing medical records

AMC portals are being developed to improve the interaction between patients and healthcare providers. A single platform to view and share patient health information securely and conveniently. AMC portal helps improve the quality of care provided while facilitating greater communication between doctors and their patients. AMC Portal is an advanced module that can be installed and hosted on the web and can be effectively connected to the AMC ERP. The main function of the portal is to have timely access to health records.

The patient portal is a one-stop solution to increases engagement, better communication and easily accessible

Patient portal software developed for patients to access personal health information from anywhere anytime. It is connected to AMC ERP which provides patients to view patient details, medical records, treatment plans, reports, and current medication lists, etc. This link with AMC ERP allows patients to improve the accuracy and completeness of forms and additional required information.

Referring Physician Portal enables the sharing, access, and mobility of medical images and records

Referring Physician and Imaging Center is completely bound to each other. A Referring Physician Portal Is a Cloud-based solution, which makes it easier to get access to reports and images required to start a treatment plan. Referring Physician portal empowers imaging centers to share medical images and diagnostic reports more effectively and efficiently to referring physicians.

Online access to medical records, Better Interaction, and flawless workflow