Perfect Prints that leave an impression

Aycan Print offers highly informative, accurate, and well-drawn prints on standard conventional paper. New premium papers with a matt-gloss surface deliver another better quality with deeper blackening and an expanded dynamic range. Physicians require non-diagnostic prints of decent quality for consultation and planning treatment with patients or colleagues. Aycan X-Ray printer is one such inexpensive way of producing these paper prints for hospitals and clinics. This is a plain paper print solution that is not only cost-effective but is easy to print, review, annotate, store, and share images of high quality.

Easy integration

Aycan Xray-print is compatible with PACS and modalities using the DICOM 3.0 standard and blends smoothly with current workflows. Moreover, special training is not required as Aycan Xray-print is operated just like a film printer. The Aycan xray-print™ allows you to set defaults and adjust image quality output settings (brightness, grayscale, contrast, etc.) for each modality.

Simplified workflow

With Aycan print, you will eliminate the special printing, handling, storage, transportation, and other infrastructure needed for the film , making your work process and that of your referring physicians really simpler. Aycan print promotes best practices in the radiology workflow involving the optimization of the whole process from beginning to end, excellent operation, fast response time, and easy problem resolution.

Excellent image quality

Aycan Xray-print software receives DICOM images from a modality, and then prints them in color or black & white on an Aycan certified printer, which is essential for the ``image quality sensitive`` radiology industry. The hardware and software have been developed for medical imaging to produce perfect film quality prints. You can further fine-tune print quality with a simple user interface.


Working with film is expensive from start to finish, and labor-intensive. Replace film with paper and you can share images at reduced expense, remove special processing, handling and storage needs and costs, and labor costs associated with film tracking, filing, and transport. You will also save on compliance and other environmental costs linked to the use of chemical films. You’ll also save on compliance and other environmental costs associated with using chemical-based film, as well as minimizing the impact on the environment.