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“Aycan print” Advanced Solution

“Aycan print” is an optimized printing software and driver that allows radiologists to print out premium quality colored /grayscale images on blank, inexpensive paper. Hence, instead of using high cost films with its hazards, you can easily and with reasonable cost print and share images on papers with colleagues, referring physicians, outside consultants and of course patients.

“Aycan” with its advanced radiological tools and highest technology has become an international leader in market, proving itself through hundreds of installations in prestigious hospitals and clinics worldwide same like but not limited to the following: “Johns Hopkins Medical Center” & “Columbia University Medical Center”, New York, “American hospital of Paris”, “University hospital George Pompidou” in France plus many others in westerner countries. Moreover, the company has different appointed agents all over the world.

Note: “Aycan print” solution is FDA certified as a medical image communication device (class 1 Exempt, Sec. 892.2020)

Key Benefits

  • Cutting huge cost of traditional films – up to 90%
  • Practical and easy usage compared to films / CD
  • To ensure higher quality and colored images
  • Easy usage, no need for long & sophisticated training on using the software
  • Smooth integration with current network(s) and appliance(s)
  • Availability of technical support
  • Paper stock on demand
  • Improving workflow efficiency
  • Environment friendly (not like chemical based films)
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