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Maxium 1

Nowadays, a trend towards “simplified dialog”, i.e. improved communications

with the user, is clearly underway in all fields of medical engineering. Especially

during extensive surgeries, extremely complex background processes are going

on. Particularly in this field, easy and at the same time intuitive handling of the

devices is therefore increasingly gaining significance. The surgeon and his

team want to have at their fingertips just those functions and information that

they really need for their current tasks, especially in stressful situations.

The maxium® meets these high demands. With this future-oriented generation

of HF units, KLS Martin sets entirely new standards in terms of ease of use and

performance. maxium® – this is the innovative symbiosis of state-of-the-art highfrequency

technology and a whole range of user-friendly assets. This is exactly

what makes this unit a “high-end reference system” in the field of multifunctional

HF surgery

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