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Office Solutions Overview

Xerox’s commitment to meeting and exceeding customers’ documentrelated challenges in the office has never been more evident. Working closely with our Xerox Business Partners, we custom-build solutions that leverage the power and flexibility of Xerox office technology. Through partnerships, technology, and business process innovation, Xerox makes your work… flow. This solution overview will provide you a brief description of how Xerox and our partner offerings continue to deliver solutions that satisfy your unique office workflow challenges, today and tomorrow.

O v e r v i e w

aycan is a leading provider of plain paper imaging solutions for radiology. aycan xray-print T M enables the Xerox Color WorkCentre M24 to print radiological and other medical images on plain paper at near film quality. It fits seamlessly into both traditional and PACS workflows to provide a low-cost solution for sharing images with referral physicians.

PACS has changed the way you work.

PACS lets you diagnose on-screen and easily archive digital images from different modalities on a single system. But digital imaging isn’t a total answer because it ignores a critical link in your work process: the people – physicians and patients – who rely on your work.

The simple fact:

Referral physicians want physical images in their hands. They don’t want to search databases, worry about infrastructure, deal with CDs/DVDs or have their office bandwidth choked by huge image files. To fully comprehend your reports and explain them to patients, physicians want high quality images they can review and share easily. And ideally, it should be easy to incorporate these images directly into patient records

The solution:

aycan xray-printTM and the Xerox Color WorkCentre M24 With this powerful combination of technology, you can:

 Print images for less than 10¢.

 Reduce your film costs by up to 90%.

 Quickly and easily share very high quality images.

 Improve communications with referral physicians and patients.

B e n e f i t s

A better way to share images. An easy way to save money.

Extraordinary savings

From start to finish – purchasing to processing, handling, mailing, and archiving – working with film is expensive. Paper is extremely cost effective. Substitute paper for film and you can:

 Share images with minimal expense.

 Eliminate the need for special handling and storage, envelopes, and couriers.

 Easily integrate images into patient records for archiving and future reference.

 Reduce labor costs associated with tracking, filing, and transporting film.

 Keep your valuable film originals safe and secure.

Simple and direct communications

Paper prints are the most efficient and effective way to share images while simplifying and streamlining work processes. With paper prints, there’s no need for light boxes or complex infrastructure. Referral physicians can quickly and easily review your diagnosis and comprehend it more completely. In addition, paper prints can be:

 Annotated for clarification.

 Shared with patients.

 Consulted during

surgery. Optimized


aycan xray-printTM integrates with hospital databases using the DICOM 3.0 standard. Images can be received from any modality and then printed via DICOM Print Service on a certified aycan printer. The aycan xray-printTM software includes DICOM Presentation Look-Up Tables (PLUT), which allow you to set defaults and adjust image quality output settings (brightness, gray scale, contrast, etc.) for each modality.

FDA certified: FDA classification

The aycan xray-printTM solution is certified as a medical image communication device (class 1 Exempt, Sec. 892.2020)

Environmentally safe

Because the aycan xray-printTM solution reduces the need for chemical-based film processing and equipment, it has a positive impact on the environmental aspects of your daily operations.


S p e c i f i c a t i o n s

 Pentium PIII processor

 256 MB RAM

 4 GB hard disk

 10/100 MBit network adapter


X e r o x P r o d u c t s / S e r v i c e s S u p p o r t e d

FDA Certified with the WorkCentre M24, DocuColor 12, and Phaser 7300.



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